God’s Love

Lately I have been feeling lost. So many great things are happening for me but I can’t seem to get a grip on my happiness. I prayed for what I have now but I keep having this feeling that I am still not doing exactly what God wants me to do. There is a disconnection […]

Make me feel

The stroke of your pen Scribbled notes down my back Each word painted perfectly As if I was created just to be your canvas I didn’t mind being used for your art Branded by the movement in your hands As if the letters were being tattooed Take me to the place you love the most […]

No one cries for the Queen

No one cries for the Queen So she straightens her crown Lifts her shoulders Extends her back and walks pass like an angel gliding through the air No one cries for the Queen The smile planted on her face covers up the invisible bruises etched in her skin Her bones are weakened Restless she still […]

Running away

You stood there in a different city Hair astray, wild but not free New faces flash before your eyes You smile Yet the bricks weigh heavier than they did last time This new place should feel like home But you’re still running away Be still, what you seek is not in this scenery either It’s […]

I don’t belong here

When you touch me I escape As I listen to your breath next to me reality stings me in the gut I don’t belong here You make me feel whole But my spirit is suffocating Restless with the irregular beat of my heart I’m sleeping with the devil

You are Heaven

I see you in the contents of my dreams So close but as I reach to grab hold you fade away My thoughts scatter throughout the day There are times I can picture our children running around our home Their laughter filling up the walls making our life complete I can feel my soul praying […]

Close Distance

I remember sitting on my Grandmother’s couch being taught the word of God. Over the years I’ve created my own sense of faith. The thing that really stuck with me though was her human connection to anyone in her presence. You didn’t have to be famous for her to pay attention to you. The love […]