God’s Love

Lately I have been feeling lost. So many great things are happening for me but I can’t seem to get a grip on my happiness. I prayed for what I have now but I keep having this feeling that I am still not doing exactly what God wants me to do. There is a disconnection between me and God. I only started really feeling this way a few months ago. There was a time last year where I knew without a doubt that I was doing exactly what he wanted me to do. Now I feel as if I am doing other things that will help me but it is taking me away from the path I was once on. I realize that I just need to pray, take a breath and continue forward because God has not left me nor will he ever. I just want to do so many things, I have so much love to give, so much wisdom and I am afraid of not being as great as I could be. I know I am not the only one who has felt this way so I am writing to help you and myself. If you are feeling out of God’s reach know that you are closer to him than you believe. He will never leave your side and in the moments you feel the most distance, call out to him and ask him to show you his love for you. I believe in that moment, he will place something so great in your heart that you will know he is right there. Do not let the enemy convince you that you are alone. Go find some solitude and open your heart to God. He is waiting on you and this may be what you need to get around what seems to be a road block. Allow your faith to be stronger than ever in these moments. You are strong, loved, giving, caring and these things will see you through. Ask God to remove the ache that comes from trying to be so much for everyone and allow him to be everything for you.




Voices From the Bayou 

As I write these words I can not tell you honored I am to be apart of such an important book. When I decided to be the President over the Creative Writers Club, it was just because of my love for writing. I had no idea that a little over a year later I would be in charge for getting an entire book together with over 15 writers. This idea to touch on sensitive topics such as racism, police brutality and the flood in Baton Rouge stemmed from the mind of our Advisor Clarence Nero. We have worked tirelessly over the course of 6 months or more to get this book finished. There have been times where I ran off of 2 hours of sleep just getting everything organized. I feel as if God placed these particular writers in the same path for reason. We tried before to publish but everyone wasn’t in agreeance with writing about such touchy topics. So I am proud to say that Voices From the Bayou is finally here. We think that it takes a lot of courage to put your voice out into the world. It takes passion to speak on things that most people are afraid to speak on. One of our writers said in his narrative that “It is not about exposure but what you are exposing”. I agree with this statement because so many people are willing to sacrifice anything just to be seen but being seen for what? Most people talk about those who are doing what they can to make a change instead of helping to make a change. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”.  I refuse to die without leaving something important behind and remain mute. Do not let time pass you by and give up on your dreams.

You should question your life if you aren’t doing anything to create change. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic but your voice matters. Our world will continue to fall apart if we don’t start to speak out. Equality matters and I think we can accomplish anything through respect and love.

This book is dedicated to Alton Sterling, the Flood Victims, and the countless men and women who lost their lives, including slain police officers. With our words, we wish to spread light on the place you held in the world. Our prayers are forever with your families; our hearts are forever opened to your deaths.

We would like to thank all the many people who helped out with this project, particularly the support from Baton Rouge Community College. It has taken dedication and consistency from everyone involved.

Visit http://www.voicesfromthebayou.com to get your E-book copy today and Like our Facebook Page Voices From The Bayou to get updated on when the paperback copies are available along with other updates of our movement. We appreciate the support as in all of the funds will go towards scholarships for future students. Thank you in advance

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Souls passing through the air

Invisible touches spreading from one person to the next 

With each touch a soul is lost or found 

The atmosphere filled 

Crowded with despair, judgement,mistakes,doubt, insecurities and shame 

Souls drifting through the air unto another galaxy 

They say that mistakes should make you better in some way

The problem is

These souls didn’t learn from them 

I want to learn from my mishaps

So that I can glide through space unbinded, unchained and free

Messages to you from my latest daydream 

Love me like a new bottle of wine 
Love me like my imperfections are what make me glorious 
Glorify me 
Take me on a journey where through your eyes I can see the beauty in myself 
Pray for me with such a passion God has no choice but to bless me 
Love me whole 
Open your hands and touch me

Hold my hand as I stand on the edge of a cliff 
Grip the depts of my soul and never let go 
Need me like you need your next breath 

Walk on the beach with me 

Watch the sun rise and fall around us 

Fill me with your passion 

Let music be our healer 

Run away with me 
Turn on the tv and caress my skin as I lay on your chest 
Dance with me
Whisper in my ear 
Be the keeper of my secrets, the fortress for things unknown to the world 
In return I’ll be your peace 
I will love you with no boundaries 

Two in the darkness 

During my darkest hours, your frame filled the shadows
Onlooking, watching me break
Your hands reached out, only to make me aware that you were leaving
Broken, cold, despaired, I watched you walk away
But in your absence I received a greater love
You stood in the shadows unbeknownst that you weren’t alone
God filled the space that you covered
His love for me healed the broken mess you left behind