Fearful vs Fearless


¨The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?” Psalm 118: 6

I often wonder where the strength of my Grandmother came from. Even up in age, she was fearless. I questioned her strength and her ability to not fear what others thought her because at the time I did not understand the power of God. In his word, he says to fear no one but him. Sometimes we may get caught up in fearing the world because we have become accustomed to putting our trust in man instead of God. I dare you to be fearless. I dare you to take every day and do something new. I dare you to follow your own heart and desires and not the wants of the world. I dare you to be different, to be the special person God created you to be. As a Christian, you are to be separate from ways of the world. What can man do to you? Man can judge you and sometimes make you feel unworthy. But if you put your faith in God your perspective changes. Those who judge you are critical of themselves. At some point in their life, they gave up, they allowed the voice of others to deter them. They see your strength and your ability to withstand being unique. Because of this, they test you. Keep in mind that most people are reflecting their own personal issues. So, fear no man. Do not fear the judgments or opinions of others. Fear God and live within him. Fear keeps you from fulfilling your destiny. With God, you can overcome that fear and live to be the best version of yourself.  


  1. That is exactly what I want…to be the best version of myself. To live my life without fear.
    They say everything you want is on the other side of fear. But still I fall victim to fear 😔 every time a big opportunity comes my way…


      1. So do I. It’s just not that easy though, you have to go through hard things first before you receive greatness or reach your destiny. I’ve learned that everything we go through is necessary, especially the bad. God uses our struggles so that we can be stronger in the end. So even if you’re scared, do it anyways. The fear will eventually remove itself


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