Messages to you from my latest daydream 

Love me like a new bottle of wine 
Love me like my imperfections are what make me glorious 
Glorify me 
Take me on a journey where through your eyes I can see the beauty in myself 
Pray for me with such a passion God has no choice but to bless me 
Love me whole 
Open your hands and touch me

Hold my hand as I stand on the edge of a cliff 
Grip the depts of my soul and never let go 
Need me like you need your next breath 

Walk on the beach with me 

Watch the sun rise and fall around us 

Fill me with your passion 

Let music be our healer 

Run away with me 
Turn on the tv and caress my skin as I lay on your chest 
Dance with me
Whisper in my ear 
Be the keeper of my secrets, the fortress for things unknown to the world 
In return I’ll be your peace 
I will love you with no boundaries 


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