You are Heaven

I see you in the contents of my dreams

So close but as I reach to grab hold you fade away

My thoughts scatter throughout the day

There are times I can picture our children running around our home

Their laughter filling up the walls making our life complete

I can feel my soul praying for you every day

That you will be content and ready to face the world knowing that you are loved

My heart beats with every piece you give to me

And you give me just what I need

Sent from God, you love me whole, you purify me

My flaws are non-existent

My flaws are still there but you cradle them in your hands like delicate glass

Telling me they make me unbroken

Our souls intertwine and it feels as if we are floating through Heaven

We dance under the moonlight, the glow catching your eyes and they see straight through me

You are Heaven

I just wish I could get to you

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