God’s Love

Lately I have been feeling lost. So many great things are happening for me but I can’t seem to get a grip on my happiness. I prayed for what I have now but I keep having this feeling that I am still not doing exactly what God wants me to do. There is a disconnection […]

Its Hurting Again 

Dig down. Push your nails into the surface of my skin. Imprint your hand around my heart as you did before when you loved me so hard and effortlessly. Only this time Reverse this pain inside of me from you giving up and leaving. Turn this heartbreak into glee. 


Souls passing through the air Invisible touches spreading from one person to the next  With each touch a soul is lost or found  The atmosphere filled  Crowded with despair, judgement,mistakes,doubt, insecurities and shame  Souls drifting through the air unto another galaxy  They say that mistakes should make you better in some way The problem is […]

Two in the darkness 

During my darkest hours, your frame filled the shadows Onlooking, watching me break Your hands reached out, only to make me aware that you were leaving Broken, cold, despaired, I watched you walk away But in your absence I received a greater love You stood in the shadows unbeknownst that you weren’t alone God filled […]